The Joint Committee on Job Creation, Economic Growth, and Global Competitiveness, Strategic Economic Objectives, and EPIC are essential elements of Jobs-First.org's mission, but the entire purpose of this endeavor is to create good paying jobs and grow the economy, which can only be accomplished through the implementation of transformational new economic policies.

These policies should be sweeping and ambitious, but also focus on increasing the US ranking in the Global Competitiveness Report.  Each of these recommendations should correlate with the US Strategic Economic Objectives, which in turn addresses the four critical economic indicators in the report (Macroeconomics, Health and Education, Institutions, and Infrastructure).

As with the objectives, these reforms should be prioritized according to the areas in which the US ranks the lowest.  They are designed to close the gap between the US and our economic competitors, while also setting the stage for the US to achieve and maintain our status as the most competitive economic in the world.


  • Develop One Rate for All Forms of Income: Maintain one rate for all incomes over the median US income (currently $53,046) on all personal, business, corporate, and capital gains
  • Eliminate ALL Tax Breaks for Profits over $1 Million: For all individuals or business, or organizations with income/profits over $1 Million (excluding charitable donations
  • Generate New Tax Incentives: Develop three new tax incentives for businesses paying median wages of $70,000 and “good” benefits (healthcare, paid time off, maternity leave, etc.)
  • 12.5% Rate Reduction (Bronze Category): Any US business who provides all of the above
  • 25% Rate Reduction (Silver Category): US manufacturing firms who provide all of the above
  • 50% Rate Reduction (Gold Category): US “High-Tech” manufactures who provide all of the above


  • Create a Civilian “GI Bill” for STEM Academic Programs: Redefine STEM as Science, Technology, Engineering, and “MEDICAL,” and fund or payoff student loans for anyone studying in these fields
  • Partnerships between US High Schools and Community Colleges: High School students in the 10th grade should be encouraged to pick a track (collegiate or technical)
  • College Track: Focuses on STEM curriculums through specialized Magnet school programs
  • Technical Track: Technical courses at community colleges and a PAID internships in senior year
  • Replace Text Books with Inexpensive, Wi-Fi Enabled, US Made Tablet Computers: Fund inexpensive “Education-Tablets” and install wireless Internet in all US Schools
  • Expand Head Start: Launch free public “Head Start” programs starting at three months old

SMALL BUSINESS development

  • Pioneer Small Business Boot Camps to encourage unemployed Americans out of work for six months or more to enroll in a Small Business “Boot Camps” 
  • These Boot Camps could be managed through a local community college and include an intensive curriculum of classroom instruction, site visits, and practical exercises
  • They would provide intensive instruction and mentorship on entrepreneurship, finance, marketing digital strategy, logistics, payroll, tax law, and regulatory requirements

  • In order to graduate from the program, students will be required to develop a final business plan and pitch their business plan to a participating bank or investor and secure their first loan.


  • Kurzarbeit (German for “Short Week”): Allows employers to reduce workers' to 30 hours and continue paying benefits, while the government makes payments directly to the company