Jobs-First.org has partnering with the Woman’s National Democratic Club/Grassroots Coordinating Committee to create a National Messaging & Policy Task Force, which is working to  connect grassroots activists with Party Officials in order to coalesce around a unified message for the 2018 Midterms and beyond.

Our Task Force will utilize a five phased approach to create new progressive messages and policy ideas.  Our goal is the development of a “National Messaging & Policy Task Force - Strategic Plan” that can be integrated into the campaign platforms of our candidates.

phase #1 (THE TASK FORCE)

Many throughout the grassroots community are excited about the possibility of helping to contribute to the creation of a national Democratic message and policy new ideas. This Task Force was created as a sub-committee of the Woman’s National Democratic Club/Grassroots Coordinating Committee, and provides a platform for grassroots groups to maintain our momentum, energy, and focus Virginia, New Jersey, and Alabama election victories.

phase #2 (our survey)

In order to include as many voices as possible in this process, we launched a “National Messaging and Policy - Survey” to crowdsource new ideas.  The survey asks for respondents' top ten issues (five economic and five social justice), and selected groups will be invited to present their messages during the first “National Messaging & Policy Summit” scheduled for January 23, 2018, at the Woman's National Democratic Club. Please take a few moments to add your voice to this discuss by completing our survey. 

phase #3 (the summit)

On January 23, 2018, top survey respondents will be selected to present their messages during the very first “National Messaging & Policy Summit” at the Woman's National Democratic Club. We will invite elected officials, national party representatives, and policy experts to discuss the following topics:

  • Mission and goals of the National Messaging & Policy Task Force
  • How Democratic elected officials can work with grassroots groups to develop and deploy new messages and policy ideas 
  • Crafting an new message to win back the voters we lost in 2016
  • The most important issues/policies to voters in Midterms
  • Q&A on the future of Democratic messaging and policies
  • Breakout sessions to recruit “Issue Teams” leaders and members

phase #4 (issue teams)

The Task Force is also recruiting “Issue Teams” (five economic and five social justice) which will be responsible for organizing meetings, conducting literature reviews, and obtaining polling data, and drafting “Issue Team Policy Proposals” which will be included into our "National Messaging & Policy - Strategic Plan."

economic - issue teams



The issue teams will consolidated their Proposals into a “National Messaging & Policy Task Force - Strategic Plan.” The purpose of this Plan will be to recommend the formation of a new Democratic Caucus, similar to the 1994 Republican “Contract with America.”

The Caucus would be responsible for analyzing these policies, drafting legislation, obtaining Congressional Budget Office (CBO)cost estimates, and submitting the legislation for a vote.  Whether or not the legislation passes is immaterial, because Democrats would have a recorded vote and a CBO score to campaign on.  

Using this Strategic Plan as a guide, the Caucus could begin an aggressive promotional campaign consisting of interviews, social media, rallies, and rallies.  The Caucus could also develop “advocacy tool kits” tailored to a state or congressional district.  These tool kits would include policy papers, talking points, fact sheets, and presentations, to help nationalize this movement and encourage candidates to run on these ideas.